daily used iOS apps!

DueTime - Zeiterfassung - innAppsDueTime – i use this app to keep track of my working hours on different projects and customers. it is not cheap for an App but if you need it for your daily work it pays of.


Air Video - Watch your videos anywhere! - InMethod s.r.o.AirVideo is my preferred App for Video streaming. To stream videos a server running AirVideo-server is needed (java application for mac, linux and windows). Every possible video format is supported and transcoded in realtime. So no matter which size the video has, AirVideo downscales it and sends it to your iPhone/iPad over WiFi or 3g.


iTap mobile RDP (Remote Desktop for Windows) - HLWCombined with built in iOS VPN one of my most important Apps for work. I do a lot of Windows Server maintenance from the iPad. Best RDP/Remote Desktop client i have seen so far, worth every cent.


iSub Music Streamer - Datastar Consulting Services, Inc. iSub is an advanced Audio streaming software. iSub lets you connect to a subsonic server. So if you have subsonic already running on your server check this App out – otherwise get a server :p. Subsonic streams audio files and transcodes them with lame automatically (if they are above 192kbit/s as an example). audio files are stored on internal iPhone storage until a certain threshold is reached – automatically the audio file played


Path - Path, Inc.Nice PhotoSharing App. I use it to share and comment pictures with close friends. Despite Photo sharing it comes with some nice photo effects similar to Instagram.


Ausgaben und Einnahmen - CashTrails - Vasyl Smyrnov yep, i do that. CashTrails helps me to keep track of my expenses!



Reeder - Silvio Rizzi

Reeder is an easy to use RSS reader with beautiful design. You can synchronize with Google RSS if you want to.


WolframAlpha - Wolfram Alpha LLCApp to access Wolfram Alpha search engine. It calculates the prime factors of 349499288242342340987423492847604 within a second! 😀


PhotoSync - drahtlos Fotos und Videos übertragen - touchbyte GmbHPhotoSync helps you to synchronise your photos and videos between different iOS devices without the need of a cloud service. I use it to transfer videos from iPhone to iPad – especially when i am on vacation.