View installed Certificates on Windows Phone8

As far as i know there is no possibility to access the certificate store on Windows Phone8 devices. But i found out how to see all installed certificates. This can be very helpful for troubleshooting because Windows Phone8 doesnt show many error messages.   access the setting WIFI select a wpa2 enterprise WiFi enable “Validate server certificate” Choose a certificate This workaround is a bit circumstantial, but as far as i know the only way to check installed certificates. Windows Phone Version: 8.0.10211.204 HTC Windows Phone 8s

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daily used iOS apps!

DueTime – i use this app to keep track of my working hours on different projects and customers. it is not cheap for an App but if you need it for your daily work it pays of.   AirVideo is my preferred App for Video streaming. To stream videos a server running AirVideo-server is needed (java application for mac, linux and windows). Every possible video format is supported and transcoded in realtime. So no matter which size the video has, AirVideo downscales it and sends it to your iPhone/iPad over WiFi or 3g.   Combined with built in iOS VPN one of my most important Apps for work. I do a lot of Windows Server maintenance from the iPad. Best RDP/Remote Desktop client i have seen so far, worth every cent.    iSub is an advanced Audio streaming software. iSub lets you connect to a subsonic server. So if you have subsonic already running on your server check this App out – otherwise get a server :p. Subsonic streams audio files and transcodes them with lame automatically (if they are above 192kbit/s as an example). audio files are stored on internal iPhone storage until a certain threshold is reached – automatically the audio file played   Nice PhotoSharing App. I use it to share and comment pictures with close friends. Despite Photo sharing it comes with some nice photo effects similar to Instagram.    yep, i do that. CashTrails helps me to keep track of my expenses!     Reeder is an easy to use RSS reader with beautiful design. You can synchronize with Google RSS if you want to.   App to access Wolfram Alpha search engine. It calculates the prime factors of 349499288242342340987423492847604 within a second! 😀   PhotoSync helps you to synchronise your photos and videos between different iOS devices without the need of a cloud service. I use it to transfer videos from iPhone to iPad – especially when i am on vacation.

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Resize logical volumes within a Linux Volumegroup

If you want to extend your volume group by resizing your virtual hard drive or adding a new hard drive to your VG, the following comands may help you. I use this method to resize virtual hard drives on ESX servers. It should work the exact same way with other virtualization solutions like VMWare Workstation, Player and VmWare Server. System specification:  OS: Centos 6.3 x64 minimal  Hardware: VmWare  SCSI-Controller: Paravirtual  Vmware Host Version 8 Backup (i know, backup is for babies) Shutdown the Server Use vSphere Client/VMWare Console to add/resize disk boot 😉 run command cfdisk to see if HDD(resize) is recognized cfdisk /dev/sdb to access 2nd drive Create a new Primary Partition with cfdisk with the free disk space Change [ Type ] with cfdisk to 8e (Linux LVM) Accept Changes with write Use following commands to do the actual resize:


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How to link itunes app store icons with rounded borders

In case you want to embed directly itunes App Store icons in wordpress you can get rounded edges with a short CSS tag. Yep, it makes a difference: All you need to do is to go to advanced settings on the “edit image” window and past the following css tags into “Styles”.  

  In addition you can underline the icons with a shadow by adding following tag:

I am not a expert when it comes to CSS styles but this method works for me. if you know something more convenient please let me know!

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iOS6 Beta Lockout

On 1st of October iOS Beta6 expired. As a result all devices running iOS6 Beta where forced to activate again. As you may have noticed the (re)activation was not possible and the device was locked. although much more anoying was the fact that iTunes was locked out to access the iOS device – therefore a backup of the current data was not possible anymore. A lot of users reported data loss because they needed to restore the device and restore a prior backup. During manual restore process all data is deleted. But there is another way to Update to the latest firmware without the need of a full restore. Quite simple, but you need to be aware about it 😉 Login to apples dev site and I downloaded the correct .ipsw file for your device. [or download from here] Connect the iPhone/iPad to your MAC/PC Start iTunes and select the device on the left side While holding down the alt / option key (Windows: shift) on your keyboard, click on Check for Update on the Summary Tab. (Screenshot1) This will open a popup;  choose the downloaded .ipsw file (Screenshot2) Start the update process After the automatic reboot the device will ask for activation again – this time it will succeed 😉

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