Resize logical volumes within a Linux Volumegroup

If you want to extend your volume group by resizing your virtual hard drive or adding a new hard drive to your VG, the following comands may help you.
I use this method to resize virtual hard drives on ESX servers. It should work the exact same way with other virtualization solutions like VMWare Workstation, Player and VmWare Server.
System specification:
  •  OS: Centos 6.3 x64 minimal
  •  Hardware: VmWare
  •  SCSI-Controller: Paravirtual
  •  Vmware Host Version 8
  1. Backup (i know, backup is for babies)
  2. Shutdown the Server
  3. Use vSphere Client/VMWare Console to add/resize disk
  4. boot 😉
  5. run command cfdisk to see if HDD(resize) is recognized
    cfdisk /dev/sdb to access 2nd drive
  6. Create a new Primary Partition with cfdisk with the free disk space
  7. Change [ Type ] with cfdisk to 8e (Linux LVM)
  8. Accept Changes with write
  9. Use following commands to do the actual resize: