iOS6 Beta Lockout

On 1st of October iOS Beta6 expired. As a result all devices running iOS6 Beta where forced to activate again. As you may have noticed the (re)activation was not possible and the device was locked. although much more anoying was the fact that iTunes was locked out to access the iOS device – therefore a backup of the current data was not possible anymore. A lot of users reported data loss because they needed to restore the device and restore a prior backup. During manual restore process all data is deleted. But there is another way to Update to the latest firmware without the need of a full restore. Quite simple, but you need to be aware about it 😉 Login to apples dev site and I downloaded the correct .ipsw file for your device. [or download from here] Connect the iPhone/iPad to your MAC/PC Start iTunes and select the device on the left side While holding down the alt / option key (Windows: shift) on your keyboard, click on Check for Update on the Summary Tab. (Screenshot1) This will open a popup;  choose the downloaded .ipsw file (Screenshot2) Start the update process After the automatic reboot the device will ask for activation again – this time it will succeed 😉

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