Windows 7 N – iphone not showing as disk drive

Microsofts Windows 7 Professional N version (windows version without mediaplayer) is not able to mount the iphone, ipod or ipad as removable storage device to access your pictures. when connecting an iOS device it is possible to sync with itunes but no direct access to the flash storage is possible. the windows control panel shows the iphone or ipad with an (!) which indicates that the driver installation was not successfull. Solution: In order to use an apple iOS device with Windows 7 N you have to install microsofts mediaplayer. otherwise you can not access the pictures without itunes. To install the mediaplayer on windows 7 N you have to download microsofts media feature pack.

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How to link itunes app store icons with rounded borders

In case you want to embed directly itunes App Store icons in wordpress you can get rounded edges with a short CSS tag. Yep, it makes a difference: All you need to do is to go to advanced settings on the “edit image” window and past the following css tags into “Styles”.  

  In addition you can underline the icons with a shadow by adding following tag:

I am not a expert when it comes to CSS styles but this method works for me. if you know something more convenient please let me know!

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